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WebCal.fi will be closed soon.

Please subscribe your calendars at the new site at WebCal.Guru.

You may download calendar data in various other formats than ICS (the webcalendar standard). These files are for developers who need holidays and other events in their applications. WebCal.fi supports an API (Application Programming Interface) for this purpose.

Please note that the events get updated regularly and it is recommended to update your downloaded files regularly. However, do not update more than once a day. It will only increase server load without any benefit. Please play nice. Update once a day or once a week. I'd much rather use my time to improve the service than to hunt abusers.

For private, non-commercial and commercial use you may freely use the data, as long as you provide a reasonably located link to www.webcal.fi indicating the source of the data.

For commercial use, please send email to [email protected] about the intended use. Prices and terms are reasonable.

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