Funny holidays 2019

Bloody Mary Day Mardi 01/01/2019
Commitment Day Mardi 01/01/2019
First Foot Day Mardi 01/01/2019
Polar Bear Swim Day Mardi 01/01/2019
Z Day Mardi 01/01/2019
Buffet Day Mercredi 02/01/2019
Cream Puff Day Mercredi 02/01/2019
Happy Mew Year for Cats Day Mercredi 02/01/2019
Run it Up the Flagpole and See if Anyone Salutes Day Mercredi 02/01/2019
Science Fiction Day Mercredi 02/01/2019
Chocolate Covered Cherry Day Jeudi 03/01/2019
Drinking Straw Day Jeudi 03/01/2019
Festival of Sleep Day Jeudi 03/01/2019
Humiliation Day Jeudi 03/01/2019
Pop Music Chart Day Vendredi 04/01/2019
Spaghetti Day Vendredi 04/01/2019
Trivia Day Vendredi 04/01/2019
Bird Day Samedi 05/01/2019
Fruitcake Toss Day Samedi 05/01/2019
Whipped Cream Day Samedi 05/01/2019
Apple Tree Day Dimanche 06/01/2019
Bean Day Dimanche 06/01/2019
Cuddle Up Day Dimanche 06/01/2019
Shortbread Day Dimanche 06/01/2019
Three Kings Day Dimanche 06/01/2019
Distaff Day Lundi 07/01/2019
I'm Not Going To Take It Anymore Day Lundi 07/01/2019
Old Rock Day Lundi 07/01/2019
Tempura Day Lundi 07/01/2019
Argyle Day Mardi 08/01/2019
Bubble Bath Day Mardi 08/01/2019
Earth's Rotation Day Mardi 08/01/2019
Joy Germ Day Mardi 08/01/2019
Male Watchers Day Mardi 08/01/2019
Poetry At Work Day Mardi 08/01/2019
Show & Tell Day At Work Day Mardi 08/01/2019
Apricot Day Mercredi 09/01/2019
Play God Day Mercredi 09/01/2019
Static Electricity Day Mercredi 09/01/2019
Bittersweet Chocolate Day Jeudi 10/01/2019
Houseplant Appreciation Day Jeudi 10/01/2019
Peculiar People Day Jeudi 10/01/2019
Learn Your Name in Morse Code Day Vendredi 11/01/2019
Secret Pal Day Vendredi 11/01/2019
Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friends Day Vendredi 11/01/2019
Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day Samedi 12/01/2019
Kiss A Ginger Day Samedi 12/01/2019
Marzipan Day Samedi 12/01/2019
Make Your Dream Come True Day Dimanche 13/01/2019
Peach Melba Day Dimanche 13/01/2019
Rubber Duckie Day Dimanche 13/01/2019
Clean Off Your Desk Day Lundi 14/01/2019
Coming of Age Day Lundi 14/01/2019
Dress Up Your Pet Day Lundi 14/01/2019
Feast of the Ass Lundi 14/01/2019
Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day Lundi 14/01/2019
Organize Your Home Day Lundi 14/01/2019
Hat Day Mardi 15/01/2019
Strawberry Ice Cream Day Mardi 15/01/2019
Appreciate A Dragon Day Mercredi 16/01/2019
International Hot and Spicy Food Day Mercredi 16/01/2019
Nothing Day Mercredi 16/01/2019
Cable Car Day Jeudi 17/01/2019
Ditch New Year's Resolutions Day Jeudi 17/01/2019
Thesaurus Day Vendredi 18/01/2019
Winnie the Pooh Day Vendredi 18/01/2019
Popcorn Day Samedi 19/01/2019
Tin Can Day Samedi 19/01/2019
Buttercrunch Day Dimanche 20/01/2019
Camcorder Day Dimanche 20/01/2019
Cheese Lovers Day Dimanche 20/01/2019
Disc Jockey Day Dimanche 20/01/2019
World Snow Day Dimanche 20/01/2019
Blue Monday Lundi 21/01/2019
Granola Bar Day Lundi 21/01/2019
Hug Day Lundi 21/01/2019
Squirrel Appreciation Day Lundi 21/01/2019
Answer Your Cat's Questions Day Mardi 22/01/2019
Blonde Brownie Day Mardi 22/01/2019
Celebration Of Life Day Mardi 22/01/2019
Handwriting Day Mercredi 23/01/2019
Measure Your Feet Day Mercredi 23/01/2019
Pie Day Mercredi 23/01/2019
Beer Can Appreciation Day Jeudi 24/01/2019
Belly Laugh Day Jeudi 24/01/2019
Compliment Day Jeudi 24/01/2019
Peanut Butter Day Jeudi 24/01/2019
Talk Like A Grizzled Prospector Day Jeudi 24/01/2019
A Room Of One's Own Day Vendredi 25/01/2019
Burns Night Vendredi 25/01/2019
International Fun at Work Day Vendredi 25/01/2019
Irish Coffee Day Vendredi 25/01/2019
Opposite Day Vendredi 25/01/2019
Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day Vendredi 25/01/2019
Peanut Brittle Day Samedi 26/01/2019
Seed Swap Day Samedi 26/01/2019
Chocolate Cake Day Dimanche 27/01/2019
No Brainer Day Dimanche 27/01/2019
Punch the Clock Day Dimanche 27/01/2019
Blueberry Pancake Day Lundi 28/01/2019
Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day Lundi 28/01/2019
Kazoo Day Lundi 28/01/2019
Cornchip Day Mardi 29/01/2019
Curmudgeons Day Mardi 29/01/2019
Puzzle Day Mardi 29/01/2019
Croissant Day Mercredi 30/01/2019
Inane Answering Message Day Mercredi 30/01/2019
Backward Day Jeudi 31/01/2019
Hug an Economist Day Jeudi 31/01/2019
Inspire Your Heart With Art Day Jeudi 31/01/2019
Baked Alaska Day Vendredi 01/02/2019
Bubblegum Day Vendredi 01/02/2019
Decorating With Candy Day Vendredi 01/02/2019
Working Naked Day Vendredi 01/02/2019
Crepe Day Samedi 02/02/2019
Groundhog Day Samedi 02/02/2019
Hedgehog Day Samedi 02/02/2019
Ice Cream For Breakfast Day Samedi 02/02/2019
Marmot Day Samedi 02/02/2019
World Play Your Ukulele Day Samedi 02/02/2019
Carrot Cake Day Dimanche 03/02/2019
Dump Your Significant Jerk Day Dimanche 03/02/2019
The Day the Music Died Dimanche 03/02/2019
Create a Vacuum Day Lundi 04/02/2019
Homemade Soup Day Lundi 04/02/2019
Thank a Mailman Day Lundi 04/02/2019
Chocolate Fondue Day Mardi 05/02/2019
Weatherperson's Day Mardi 05/02/2019
Western Monarch Day Mardi 05/02/2019
World Nutella Day Mardi 05/02/2019
Frozen Yogurt Day Mercredi 06/02/2019
Lame Duck Day Mercredi 06/02/2019
Ballet Day Jeudi 07/02/2019
Send a Card to a Friend Day Jeudi 07/02/2019
Wave All Your Fingers at Your Neighbor Day Jeudi 07/02/2019
Kite Flying Day Vendredi 08/02/2019
Laugh And Get Rich Day Vendredi 08/02/2019
Opera Day Vendredi 08/02/2019
The Inbox Day Vendredi 08/02/2019
Read In The Bathtub Day Samedi 09/02/2019
Toothache Day Samedi 09/02/2019
Plimsoll Day Dimanche 10/02/2019
Umbrella Day Dimanche 10/02/2019
Clean Out Your Computer Day Lundi 11/02/2019
Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk Day Lundi 11/02/2019
Get Out Your Guitar Day Lundi 11/02/2019
Make a Friend Day Lundi 11/02/2019
Satisfied Staying Single Day Lundi 11/02/2019
White Shirt Day Lundi 11/02/2019
Extraterrestrial Culture Day Mardi 12/02/2019
Plum Pudding Day Mardi 12/02/2019
Get a Different Name Day Mercredi 13/02/2019
Madly In Love With Me Day Mercredi 13/02/2019
Donor Day Jeudi 14/02/2019
Ferris Wheel Day Jeudi 14/02/2019
Organ Donor Day Jeudi 14/02/2019
Gumdrop Day Vendredi 15/02/2019
Hippo Day Vendredi 15/02/2019
John Frum Day (Vanuatu) Vendredi 15/02/2019
World Whale Day Vendredi 15/02/2019
Almond Day Samedi 16/02/2019
Do a Grouch a Favor Day Samedi 16/02/2019
Innovation Day Samedi 16/02/2019
My Way Day Dimanche 17/02/2019
Random Acts of Kindness Day Dimanche 17/02/2019
Restaurant Day Dimanche 17/02/2019
Battery Day Lundi 18/02/2019
Drink Wine Day Lundi 18/02/2019
Chocolate Mint Day Mardi 19/02/2019
International Tug-of-War Day Mardi 19/02/2019
Cherry Pie Day Mercredi 20/02/2019
Love Your Pet Day Mercredi 20/02/2019
Northern Hemisphere Hoodie-Hoo Day Mercredi 20/02/2019
Card Reading Day Jeudi 21/02/2019
Sticky Bun Day Jeudi 21/02/2019
Be Humble Day Vendredi 22/02/2019
Margarita Day Vendredi 22/02/2019
Single Tasking Day Vendredi 22/02/2019
Walking the Dog Day Vendredi 22/02/2019
Banana Bread Day Samedi 23/02/2019
Curling Is Cool Day Samedi 23/02/2019
Dog Biscuit Day Samedi 23/02/2019
Melba Toast Day Samedi 23/02/2019
Play Tennis Day Samedi 23/02/2019
Tortilla Chip Day Dimanche 24/02/2019
World Bartender Day Dimanche 24/02/2019
Chocolate-Covered Peanuts Day Lundi 25/02/2019
Clam Chowder Day Lundi 25/02/2019
Pistol Patent Day Lundi 25/02/2019
Carnival Day Mardi 26/02/2019
For Pete's Sake Day Mardi 26/02/2019
Personal Chef Day Mardi 26/02/2019
Pistachio Day Mardi 26/02/2019
Tell a Fairy Tale Day Mardi 26/02/2019
Inconvenience Yourself Day Mercredi 27/02/2019
Strawberry Day Mercredi 27/02/2019
Chili Day Jeudi 28/02/2019
Chocolate Souffle Day Jeudi 28/02/2019
Floral Design Day Jeudi 28/02/2019
Public Sleeping Day Jeudi 28/02/2019
Tooth Fairy Day Jeudi 28/02/2019
Fruit Compote Day Vendredi 01/03/2019
Horse Protection Day Vendredi 01/03/2019
Peanut Butter Lovers' Day Vendredi 01/03/2019
Pig Day Vendredi 01/03/2019
Plan A Solo Vacation Day Vendredi 01/03/2019
World Compliment Day Vendredi 01/03/2019
Banana Cream Pie Day Samedi 02/03/2019
Dr. Seuss Day Samedi 02/03/2019
Old Stuff Day Samedi 02/03/2019
Anthem Day Dimanche 03/03/2019
Celebrate Your Name Week Dimanche 03/03/2019
Cold Cuts Day Dimanche 03/03/2019
I Want You to be Happy Day Dimanche 03/03/2019
Mulled Wine Day Dimanche 03/03/2019
Namesake Day Dimanche 03/03/2019
National Anthem Day Dimanche 03/03/2019
Peach Blossom Day Dimanche 03/03/2019
What If Cats and Dogs Had Opposable Thumbs Day Dimanche 03/03/2019
World Butt Day Dimanche 03/03/2019
Fun Facts About Names Day Lundi 04/03/2019
Grammar Day Lundi 04/03/2019
Holy Experiment Day Lundi 04/03/2019
Hug a GI Day Lundi 04/03/2019
International Scrapbooking Industry Day Lundi 04/03/2019
Poundcake Day Lundi 04/03/2019
Absinthe Day Mardi 05/03/2019
Cheese Doodle Day Mardi 05/03/2019
Multiple Personality Day Mardi 05/03/2019
Pancake Day Mardi 05/03/2019
Unique Names Day Mardi 05/03/2019
Frozen Food Day Mercredi 06/03/2019
White Chocolate Cheesecake Day Mercredi 06/03/2019
Be Heard Day Jeudi 07/03/2019
Cereal Day Jeudi 07/03/2019
Crown Roast of Pork Day Jeudi 07/03/2019
Doodle Day Jeudi 07/03/2019
Be Nasty Day Vendredi 08/03/2019
Middle Name Pride Day Vendredi 08/03/2019
Peanut Cluster Day Vendredi 08/03/2019
Proof Reading Day Vendredi 08/03/2019
Barbie Day Samedi 09/03/2019
False Teeth Day Samedi 09/03/2019
Get Over It Day Samedi 09/03/2019
Panic Day Samedi 09/03/2019
Check Your Batteries Day Dimanche 10/03/2019
International Bagpipe Day Dimanche 10/03/2019
Mario Day Dimanche 10/03/2019
Pack Your Lunch Day Dimanche 10/03/2019
The International Day of Awesomeness Dimanche 10/03/2019
Fill Our Staplers Day Lundi 11/03/2019
Napping Day Lundi 11/03/2019
Worship of Tools Day Lundi 11/03/2019
Organize Your Home Office Day Mardi 12/03/2019
Plant a Flower Day Mardi 12/03/2019
Coconut Torte Day Mercredi 13/03/2019
Earmuffs Day Mercredi 13/03/2019
Jewel Day Mercredi 13/03/2019
Ken Day Mercredi 13/03/2019
Open An Umbrella Indoors Day Mercredi 13/03/2019
International Ask a Question Day Jeudi 14/03/2019
Learn About Butterflies Day Jeudi 14/03/2019
Moth-er Day Jeudi 14/03/2019
Potato Chip Day Jeudi 14/03/2019
Steak and BJ day Jeudi 14/03/2019
Absolutely Incredible Kids Day Vendredi 15/03/2019
Brutus Day Vendredi 15/03/2019
Dumbstruck Day Vendredi 15/03/2019
Everything You Think is Wrong Day Vendredi 15/03/2019
International Eat An Animal For PETA Day Vendredi 15/03/2019
True Confessions Day Vendredi 15/03/2019
Everything You Do is Right Day Samedi 16/03/2019
Lips Appreciation Day Samedi 16/03/2019
Quilting Day Samedi 16/03/2019
Saint Urho's Day Samedi 16/03/2019
Buzzards Day Dimanche 17/03/2019
Submarine Day Dimanche 17/03/2019
Awkward Moments Day Lundi 18/03/2019
Forgive Mom & Dad Day Lundi 18/03/2019
Goddess of Fertility Day Lundi 18/03/2019
Supreme Sacrifice Day Lundi 18/03/2019
Chocolate Caramel Day Mardi 19/03/2019
Poultry Day Mardi 19/03/2019
Extraterrestrial Abductions Day Mercredi 20/03/2019
International Day of Happiness Mercredi 20/03/2019
Kiss Your Fiance Day Mercredi 20/03/2019
Proposal Day Mercredi 20/03/2019
Ravioli Day Mercredi 20/03/2019
Snowman Burning Day Mercredi 20/03/2019
Steak and Knobber Day Mercredi 20/03/2019
Won't You Be My Neighbor Day Mercredi 20/03/2019
Common Courtesy Day Jeudi 21/03/2019
Fragrance Day Jeudi 21/03/2019
French Bread Day Jeudi 21/03/2019
Memory Day Jeudi 21/03/2019
As Young As You Feel Day Vendredi 22/03/2019
Corn Dog Day Vendredi 22/03/2019
Goof Off Day Vendredi 22/03/2019
Chip and Dip Day Samedi 23/03/2019
Near Miss Day Samedi 23/03/2019
Puppy Day Samedi 23/03/2019
Chocolate Covered Raisins Day Dimanche 24/03/2019
International Waffle Day Lundi 25/03/2019
Pecan Day Lundi 25/03/2019
Tolkien Reading Day Lundi 25/03/2019
Make Up Your Own Holiday Day Mardi 26/03/2019
Nougat Day Mardi 26/03/2019
Spinach Day Mardi 26/03/2019
Joe Day Mercredi 27/03/2019
Quirky Country Music Song Titles Day Mercredi 27/03/2019
Spanish Paella Day Mercredi 27/03/2019
Black Forest Cake Day Jeudi 28/03/2019
Something on a Stick Day Jeudi 28/03/2019
Weed Appreciation Day Jeudi 28/03/2019
Lemon Chiffon Cake Day Vendredi 29/03/2019
Niagara Falls Runs Dry Day Vendredi 29/03/2019
Smoke and Mirrors Day Vendredi 29/03/2019
I am in Control Day Samedi 30/03/2019
Pencil Day Samedi 30/03/2019
Take a Walk in the Park Day Samedi 30/03/2019
Bunsen Burner Day Dimanche 31/03/2019
Clam on the Half Shell Day Dimanche 31/03/2019
Crayola Crayon Day Dimanche 31/03/2019
International Cleavage Day Dimanche 31/03/2019
International Quit Your Crappy Job Day Dimanche 31/03/2019
April Fool's Day Lundi 01/04/2019
Edible Book Festival Lundi 01/04/2019
Fun Day Lundi 01/04/2019
One Cent Day Lundi 01/04/2019
Reading Is Funny Day Lundi 01/04/2019
Sourdough Bread Day Lundi 01/04/2019
Peanut Butter and Jelly Day Mardi 02/04/2019
Reconciliation Day Mardi 02/04/2019
Chocolate Mousse Day Mercredi 03/04/2019
Don't Go to Work Unless it's Fun Day Mercredi 03/04/2019
Find A Rainbow Day Mercredi 03/04/2019
Fish Fingers and Custard Day Mercredi 03/04/2019
Tweed Day Mercredi 03/04/2019
Cordon Bleu Day Jeudi 04/04/2019
D.A.R.E. Day Jeudi 04/04/2019
Hug a Newsman Day Jeudi 04/04/2019
International Carrot Day Jeudi 04/04/2019
Tell a Lie Day Jeudi 04/04/2019
Vitamin C Day Jeudi 04/04/2019
Walk Around Things Day Jeudi 04/04/2019
World Rat Day Jeudi 04/04/2019
Caramel Day Vendredi 05/04/2019
Deep Dish Pizza Day Vendredi 05/04/2019
Go For Broke Day Vendredi 05/04/2019
Read a Road Map Day Vendredi 05/04/2019
Tangible Karma Day Vendredi 05/04/2019
Walk to Work Day Vendredi 05/04/2019
Army Day Samedi 06/04/2019
Caramel Popcorn Day Samedi 06/04/2019
New Beer's Eve Samedi 06/04/2019
Pillow Fight Day Samedi 06/04/2019
Plan Your Epitaph Day Samedi 06/04/2019
Sorry Charlie Day Samedi 06/04/2019
Tartan Day Samedi 06/04/2019
Beaver Day Dimanche 07/04/2019
No Housework Day Dimanche 07/04/2019
All is Ours Day Lundi 08/04/2019
Draw a Picture of a Bird Day Lundi 08/04/2019
Zoo Lovers Day Lundi 08/04/2019
Be Kind To Lawyers Day Mardi 09/04/2019
Cherish An Antique Day Mardi 09/04/2019
Name Yourself Day Mardi 09/04/2019
Golfer's Day Mercredi 10/04/2019
International Safety Pin Day Mercredi 10/04/2019
Barbershop Quartet Day Jeudi 11/04/2019
Cheese Fondue Day Jeudi 11/04/2019
Eight Track Tape Day Jeudi 11/04/2019
Pet Day Jeudi 11/04/2019
Big Wind Day Vendredi 12/04/2019
Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day Vendredi 12/04/2019
Licorice Day Vendredi 12/04/2019
Walk On Your Wild Side Day Vendredi 12/04/2019
Scrabble Day Samedi 13/04/2019
Cake and Cunnilingus Day Dimanche 14/04/2019
International Moment of Laughter Day Dimanche 14/04/2019
Look Up at the Sky Day Dimanche 14/04/2019
Reach as High as You Can Day Dimanche 14/04/2019
That Sucks Day Dimanche 14/04/2019
Jackie Robinson Day Lundi 15/04/2019
Rubber Eraser Day Lundi 15/04/2019
Take A Wild Guess Day Lundi 15/04/2019
Eggs Benedict Day Mardi 16/04/2019
Foursquare Day Mardi 16/04/2019
Save The Elephant Day Mardi 16/04/2019
Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day Mardi 16/04/2019
Bat Appreciation Day Mercredi 17/04/2019
Blah Blah Blah Day Mercredi 17/04/2019
Cheeseball Day Mercredi 17/04/2019
Ford Mustang Day Mercredi 17/04/2019
Haiku Poetry Day Mercredi 17/04/2019
Kickball Day Mercredi 17/04/2019
Nothing Like A Dame Day Mercredi 17/04/2019
Amateur Radio Day Jeudi 18/04/2019
International Pizza Cake Day Jeudi 18/04/2019
Pet Owners Independence Day Jeudi 18/04/2019
Auctioneers Day Vendredi 19/04/2019
Bicycle Day Vendredi 19/04/2019
Garlic Day Vendredi 19/04/2019
Hanging Out Day Vendredi 19/04/2019
Poetry And The Creative Mind Day Vendredi 19/04/2019
420 Day Samedi 20/04/2019
High Five Day Samedi 20/04/2019
Look Alike Day Samedi 20/04/2019
Record Store Day Samedi 20/04/2019
Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day Dimanche 21/04/2019
Dyngus Day Lundi 22/04/2019
Jelly Bean Day Lundi 22/04/2019
International Nose Picking Day Mardi 23/04/2019
International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day Mardi 23/04/2019
Take a Chance Day Mardi 23/04/2019
Talk Like Shakespeare Day Mardi 23/04/2019
Zucchini Bread Day Mardi 23/04/2019
Pig in a Blanket Day Mercredi 24/04/2019
East Meets West Day Jeudi 25/04/2019
Hug A Plumber Day Jeudi 25/04/2019
Help A Horse Day Vendredi 26/04/2019
Hug an Australian Day Vendredi 26/04/2019
Pretzel Day Vendredi 26/04/2019
Babe Ruth Day Samedi 27/04/2019
Go Birding Day Samedi 27/04/2019
Morse Code Day Samedi 27/04/2019
Prime Rib Day Samedi 27/04/2019
Save The Frogs Day Samedi 27/04/2019
Sense Of Smell Day Samedi 27/04/2019
Tell a Story Day Samedi 27/04/2019
World Tapir Day Samedi 27/04/2019
Biological Clock Day Dimanche 28/04/2019
Blueberry Pie Day Dimanche 28/04/2019
Cubicle Day Dimanche 28/04/2019
Great Poetry Reading Day Dimanche 28/04/2019
Kiss Your Mate Day Dimanche 28/04/2019
Greenery Day Lundi 29/04/2019
Shrimp Scampi Day Lundi 29/04/2019
World Wish Day Lundi 29/04/2019
Zipper Day Lundi 29/04/2019
Hairstyle Appreciation Day Mardi 30/04/2019
Oatmeal Cookie Day Mardi 30/04/2019
CSS Reboot Day Mercredi 01/05/2019
Global Love Day Mercredi 01/05/2019
Lei Day Mercredi 01/05/2019
Mother Goose Day Mercredi 01/05/2019
New Home Owners Day Mercredi 01/05/2019
Save the Rhino Day Mercredi 01/05/2019
School Principals' Day Mercredi 01/05/2019
Baby Day Jeudi 02/05/2019
Ferret Day Jeudi 02/05/2019
Garden Meditiation Day Vendredi 03/05/2019
International Grab a Boob Day Vendredi 03/05/2019
Lumpy Rug Day Vendredi 03/05/2019
No Pants Day Vendredi 03/05/2019
Paranormal Day Vendredi 03/05/2019
Two Different Colored Shoes Day Vendredi 03/05/2019
Candied Orange Peel Day Samedi 04/05/2019
Free Comic Book Day Samedi 04/05/2019
Join Hands Day Samedi 04/05/2019
Petite And Proud Day Samedi 04/05/2019
Renewal Day Samedi 04/05/2019
Star Wars Day Samedi 04/05/2019
World Naked Gardening Day Samedi 04/05/2019
World Password Day Samedi 04/05/2019
Cartoonists Day Dimanche 05/05/2019
Hoagie Day Dimanche 05/05/2019
Oyster Day Dimanche 05/05/2019
World Laughter Day Dimanche 05/05/2019
Beverage Day Lundi 06/05/2019
No Homework Day Lundi 06/05/2019
Nurses Day Lundi 06/05/2019
Roast Leg of Lamb Day Mardi 07/05/2019
Iris Day Mercredi 08/05/2019
No Socks Day Mercredi 08/05/2019
Lost Sock Memorial Day Jeudi 09/05/2019
Moscato Day Jeudi 09/05/2019
Clean Up Your Room Day Vendredi 10/05/2019
Windmill Day Vendredi 10/05/2019
World Lupus Day Vendredi 10/05/2019
Eat What You Want Day Samedi 11/05/2019
Root Canal Appreciation Day Samedi 11/05/2019
Train Day Samedi 11/05/2019
Twilight Zone Day Samedi 11/05/2019
Fatigue Syndrome Day Dimanche 12/05/2019
Limerick Day Dimanche 12/05/2019
Nutty Fudge Day Dimanche 12/05/2019
Odometer Day Dimanche 12/05/2019
Frog Jumping Day Lundi 13/05/2019
Leprechaun Day Lundi 13/05/2019
Top Gun Day Lundi 13/05/2019
Chicken Dance Day Mardi 14/05/2019
Dance Like a Chicken Day Mardi 14/05/2019
Chocolate Chip Day Mercredi 15/05/2019
Nylon Stockings Day Mercredi 15/05/2019
Straw Hat Day Mercredi 15/05/2019
Biographers Day Jeudi 16/05/2019
Love a Tree Day Jeudi 16/05/2019
Pizza Party Day Jeudi 16/05/2019
Sea Monkey Day Jeudi 16/05/2019
Wear Purple for Peace Day Jeudi 16/05/2019
Bike-to-Work Day Vendredi 17/05/2019
Pack Rat Day Vendredi 17/05/2019
Walnut day Vendredi 17/05/2019
Learn To Swim Day Samedi 18/05/2019
No Dirty Dishes Day Samedi 18/05/2019
Restaurant Day Samedi 18/05/2019
World Whisky Day Samedi 18/05/2019
May Ray Day Dimanche 19/05/2019
Notebook Day Dimanche 19/05/2019
Be a Millionaire Day Lundi 20/05/2019
Everybody Draw Mohammed Day Lundi 20/05/2019
Pick Strawberries Day Lundi 20/05/2019
I Need A Patch For That Day Mardi 21/05/2019
Memo Day Mardi 21/05/2019
Rapture Party Day Mardi 21/05/2019
Buy a Musical Instrument Day Mercredi 22/05/2019
Goth Day Mercredi 22/05/2019
Maritime Day Mercredi 22/05/2019
Don't Fry Day Jeudi 23/05/2019
Lucky Penny Day Jeudi 23/05/2019
Title Track Day Jeudi 23/05/2019
Escargot Day Vendredi 24/05/2019
Tiara Day Vendredi 24/05/2019
Geek Pride Day Samedi 25/05/2019
Tap Dance Day Samedi 25/05/2019
Towel Day Samedi 25/05/2019
Blueberry Cheesecake Day Dimanche 26/05/2019
World Lindy Hop Day Dimanche 26/05/2019
Cellophane Tape Day Lundi 27/05/2019
Sun Screen Day Lundi 27/05/2019
Sunscreen Protection Day Lundi 27/05/2019
Hamburger Day Mardi 28/05/2019
Biscuit Day Mercredi 29/05/2019
Learn About Composting Day Mercredi 29/05/2019
Put A Pillow On Your Fridge Day Mercredi 29/05/2019
Loomis Day Jeudi 30/05/2019
Mint Julep Day Jeudi 30/05/2019
Ronnie James Dio Day Jeudi 30/05/2019
Water a Flower Day Jeudi 30/05/2019
Macaroon Day Vendredi 31/05/2019
Save Your Hearing Day Vendredi 31/05/2019
Dare Day Samedi 01/06/2019
Drawing Day Samedi 01/06/2019
Flip a Coin Day Samedi 01/06/2019
Go Barefoot Day Samedi 01/06/2019
International Doubt Day Samedi 01/06/2019
Say Something Nice Day Samedi 01/06/2019
Wear A Dress Day Samedi 01/06/2019
Bubba Day Dimanche 02/06/2019
Rocky Road Day Dimanche 02/06/2019
Chimborazo Day Lundi 03/06/2019
Leave The Office Early Day Lundi 03/06/2019
Repeat Day Lundi 03/06/2019
Thank God It's Monday Day Lundi 03/06/2019
Applesauce Cake Day Mardi 04/06/2019
Hug Your Cat Day Mardi 04/06/2019
Old Maid's Day Mardi 04/06/2019
Tailors Day Mardi 04/06/2019
Hot Air Balloon Day Mercredi 05/06/2019
Running Day Mercredi 05/06/2019
Drive-In Movie Day Jeudi 06/06/2019
Gardening Exercise Day Jeudi 06/06/2019
Yo-Yo Day Jeudi 06/06/2019
Chocolate Ice Cream Day Vendredi 07/06/2019
Doughnut Day Vendredi 07/06/2019
VCR Day Vendredi 07/06/2019
Best Friends Day Samedi 08/06/2019
Gin Day Samedi 08/06/2019
Name Your Poison Day Samedi 08/06/2019
Upsy Daisy Day Samedi 08/06/2019
Donald Duck Day Dimanche 09/06/2019
Ball Point Pen Day Lundi 10/06/2019
Iced Tea Day Lundi 10/06/2019
Jerky Day Mercredi 12/06/2019
Loving Day Mercredi 12/06/2019
Peanut Butter Cookie Day Mercredi 12/06/2019
Red Rose Day Mercredi 12/06/2019
Superman Day Mercredi 12/06/2019
Sewing Machine Day Jeudi 13/06/2019
Bourbon Day Vendredi 14/06/2019
Worldwide Knit in Public Day Vendredi 14/06/2019
Fly A Kite Day Samedi 15/06/2019
Hollerin' Contest Day Samedi 15/06/2019
Magna Carta Day Samedi 15/06/2019
Nature Photography Day Samedi 15/06/2019
Smile Power Day Samedi 15/06/2019
Bloomsday Dimanche 16/06/2019
Fresh Veggies Day Dimanche 16/06/2019
Fudge Day Dimanche 16/06/2019
Apple Strudel Day Lundi 17/06/2019
Cherry Tart Day Lundi 17/06/2019
Eat Your Vegetables Day Lundi 17/06/2019
Go Fishing Day Mardi 18/06/2019
International Panic Day Mardi 18/06/2019
International Picnic Day Mardi 18/06/2019
Splurge Day Mardi 18/06/2019
Sushi Day Mardi 18/06/2019
Garfield The Cat Day Mercredi 19/06/2019
Juneteenth Mercredi 19/06/2019
World Sauntering Day Mercredi 19/06/2019
American Eagle Day Jeudi 20/06/2019
Dump The Pump Day Jeudi 20/06/2019
Ice Cream Soda Day Jeudi 20/06/2019
Seersucker Thursday Jeudi 20/06/2019
Daylight Appreciation Day Vendredi 21/06/2019
Flip-Flop Day Vendredi 21/06/2019
Go Skateboarding Day Vendredi 21/06/2019
International Surfing Day Vendredi 21/06/2019
Take Your Dog to Work Day Vendredi 21/06/2019
Chocolate Eclair Day Samedi 22/06/2019
Onion Rings Day Samedi 22/06/2019
Let It Go Day Dimanche 23/06/2019
Pink Day Dimanche 23/06/2019
Fairy Day Lundi 24/06/2019
Please Take My Children To Work Day Lundi 24/06/2019
Pralines Day Lundi 24/06/2019
Swim a Lap Day Lundi 24/06/2019
Catfish Day Mardi 25/06/2019
Color TV Day Mardi 25/06/2019
Beautician's Day Mercredi 26/06/2019
Canoe Day Mercredi 26/06/2019
Chocolate Pudding Day Mercredi 26/06/2019
Sunglasses Day Jeudi 27/06/2019
International Body Piercing Day Vendredi 28/06/2019
Paul Bunyan Day Vendredi 28/06/2019
Tapioca Day Vendredi 28/06/2019
Almond Buttercrunch Day Samedi 29/06/2019
Hug Holiday Day Samedi 29/06/2019
Waffle Iron Day Samedi 29/06/2019
Log Cabin Day Dimanche 30/06/2019
Meteor Watch Day Dimanche 30/06/2019
Social Media Day Dimanche 30/06/2019
Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day Lundi 01/07/2019
International Joke Day Lundi 01/07/2019
Second Half of the Year Day Lundi 01/07/2019
I Forgot Day Mardi 02/07/2019
World UFO Day Mardi 02/07/2019
Compliment Your Mirror Day Mercredi 03/07/2019
Disobedience Day Mercredi 03/07/2019
National Seal Day Mercredi 03/07/2019
Stay Out of the Sun Day Mercredi 03/07/2019
Country Music Day Jeudi 04/07/2019
Sidewalk Egg Frying Day Jeudi 04/07/2019
Bikini Day Vendredi 05/07/2019
Comic Sans day Vendredi 05/07/2019
Work-a-Holic Day Vendredi 05/07/2019
Fried Chicken Day Samedi 06/07/2019
Hop A Park Day Samedi 06/07/2019
International Kissing Day Samedi 06/07/2019
Take Your Webmaster To Lunch Day Samedi 06/07/2019
Umbrella Cover Day Samedi 06/07/2019
Build a Scarecrow Day Dimanche 07/07/2019
Chocolate Day Dimanche 07/07/2019
Strawberry Sundae Day Dimanche 07/07/2019
Tell The Truth Day Dimanche 07/07/2019
International Town Criers Day Lundi 08/07/2019
Scud Day Lundi 08/07/2019
Sugar Cookie Day Mardi 09/07/2019
Don't Step on a Bee Day Mercredi 10/07/2019
Pina Colada Day Mercredi 10/07/2019
Teddy Bear Picnic Day Mercredi 10/07/2019
Cheer Up the Lonely Day Jeudi 11/07/2019
World Population Day Jeudi 11/07/2019
Different Colored Eyes Day Vendredi 12/07/2019
Pecan Pie Day Vendredi 12/07/2019
Barbershop Music Appreciation Day Samedi 13/07/2019
Embrace Your Geekness Day Samedi 13/07/2019
Fool's Paradise Day Samedi 13/07/2019
Nude Day Dimanche 14/07/2019
Pandemonium Day Dimanche 14/07/2019
Get Out of the Doghouse Day Lundi 15/07/2019
Gummi Worm Day Lundi 15/07/2019
Tapioca Pudding Day Lundi 15/07/2019
Corn Fritters Day Mardi 16/07/2019
Peach Ice Cream Day Mercredi 17/07/2019
Tattoo day Mercredi 17/07/2019
World Emoji Day Mercredi 17/07/2019
Yellow Pig Day Mercredi 17/07/2019
Caviar Day Jeudi 18/07/2019
Daiquiri Day Vendredi 19/07/2019
Raspberry Cake Day Vendredi 19/07/2019
Lollipop Day Samedi 20/07/2019
Moon Day Samedi 20/07/2019
Ugly Truck Day Samedi 20/07/2019
Ice Cream Day Dimanche 21/07/2019
Junk Food Day Dimanche 21/07/2019
Hammock Day Lundi 22/07/2019
Pi Approximation Day Lundi 22/07/2019
Ratcatcher's Day Lundi 22/07/2019
Hot Dog Day Mardi 23/07/2019
Vanilla Ice Cream Day Mardi 23/07/2019
Drive-Thru Day Mercredi 24/07/2019
Tequila Day Mercredi 24/07/2019
Chili Dog Day Jeudi 25/07/2019
Culinarians Day Jeudi 25/07/2019
Lumberjack Day Jeudi 25/07/2019
Thread the Needle Day Jeudi 25/07/2019
All or Nothing Day Vendredi 26/07/2019
One Voice Day Vendredi 26/07/2019
Talk In An Elevator Day Vendredi 26/07/2019
Take Your Pants for a Walk Day Samedi 27/07/2019
Walk On Stilts Day Samedi 27/07/2019
Milk Chocolate Day Dimanche 28/07/2019
Lasagna Day Lundi 29/07/2019
Rain Day Lundi 29/07/2019
Cheesecake Day Mardi 30/07/2019
Paperback Book Day Mardi 30/07/2019
Mutt's Day Mercredi 31/07/2019
Raspberry Cream Pie Day Jeudi 01/08/2019
Yorkshire Day Jeudi 01/08/2019
Ice Cream Sandwich Day Vendredi 02/08/2019
International Beer Day Vendredi 02/08/2019
Mead Day Samedi 03/08/2019
Mustard Day Samedi 03/08/2019
Watermelon Day Samedi 03/08/2019
Underwear Day Lundi 05/08/2019
Work Like a Dog Day Lundi 05/08/2019
Fresh Breath Day Mardi 06/08/2019
Wiggle Your Toes Day Mardi 06/08/2019
Lighthouse Day Mercredi 07/08/2019
Happiness Happens Day Jeudi 08/08/2019
Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor's Porch Day Jeudi 08/08/2019
Book Lovers Day Vendredi 09/08/2019
Rice Pudding Day Vendredi 09/08/2019
Duran Duran Appreciation Day Samedi 10/08/2019
Garage Sale Day Samedi 10/08/2019
Lazy Day Samedi 10/08/2019
S'mores Day Samedi 10/08/2019
Ingersoll Day Dimanche 11/08/2019
Play In The Sand Day Dimanche 11/08/2019
Presidential Joke Day Dimanche 11/08/2019
Vinyl Record Day Lundi 12/08/2019
Creamsicle Day Mercredi 14/08/2019
Relaxation Day Jeudi 15/08/2019
Men's Grooming Day Vendredi 16/08/2019
Tell a Joke Day Vendredi 16/08/2019
Corn On The Cob Day Samedi 17/08/2019
Thrift Shop Day Samedi 17/08/2019
Bad Poetry Day Dimanche 18/08/2019
Restaurant Day Dimanche 18/08/2019
World Photo Day Lundi 19/08/2019
Radio Day Mardi 20/08/2019
Spumoni Day Mercredi 21/08/2019
Be an Angel Day Jeudi 22/08/2019
Ride the Wind Day Vendredi 23/08/2019
Valentino Day Vendredi 23/08/2019
International Strange Music Day Samedi 24/08/2019
Vesuvius Day Samedi 24/08/2019
Waffle Day Samedi 24/08/2019
Kiss and Make Up Day Dimanche 25/08/2019
Dog Day Lundi 26/08/2019
Toilet Paper Day Lundi 26/08/2019
"The Duchess" Who Wasn't Day Mardi 27/08/2019
Burger Day Mardi 27/08/2019
Just Because Day Mardi 27/08/2019
Bow Tie Day Mercredi 28/08/2019
Race Your Mouse Around The Icons Day Mercredi 28/08/2019
More Herbs, Less Salt Day Jeudi 29/08/2019
Marshmallow Toasting Day Vendredi 30/08/2019
Slinky Day Vendredi 30/08/2019
Toasted Marshmallow Day Vendredi 30/08/2019
Franchise Appreciation Day Samedi 31/08/2019
International Bacon Day Samedi 31/08/2019
Love Litigating Lawyers Day Samedi 31/08/2019
Trail Mix Day Samedi 31/08/2019
Calendar Adjustment Day Dimanche 01/09/2019
Emma M Nutt Day Dimanche 01/09/2019
Letter Writing Day Dimanche 01/09/2019
Lose Your Virginity Day Dimanche 01/09/2019
Another Look Unlimited Day Lundi 02/09/2019
Beheading Day Lundi 02/09/2019
Internet's Birthday Lundi 02/09/2019
Skyscraper Day Mardi 03/09/2019
Welsh Rarebit Day Mardi 03/09/2019
Be Late For Something Day Jeudi 05/09/2019
Cheese Pizza Day Jeudi 05/09/2019
Fight Procrastination Day Vendredi 06/09/2019
Read a Book Day Vendredi 06/09/2019
Lace Day Samedi 07/09/2019
Neither Rain Nor Snow Day Samedi 07/09/2019
Salami Day Samedi 07/09/2019
Hug Your Hound Day Dimanche 08/09/2019
Pardon Day Dimanche 08/09/2019
International Sudoku Day Lundi 09/09/2019
Teddy Bear Day Lundi 09/09/2019
Tester's day Lundi 09/09/2019
Wonderful Weirdos Day Lundi 09/09/2019
Swap Ideas Day Mardi 10/09/2019
Hot Cross Bun Day Mercredi 11/09/2019
Make Your Bed Day Mercredi 11/09/2019
No News Is Good News Day Mercredi 11/09/2019
Chocolate Milkshake Day Jeudi 12/09/2019
Video Games Day Jeudi 12/09/2019
Blame Somebody Else Day Vendredi 13/09/2019
Defy Superstition Day Vendredi 13/09/2019
Fortune Cookie Day Vendredi 13/09/2019
Peanut Day Vendredi 13/09/2019
Positive Thinking Day Vendredi 13/09/2019
Programmer's Day Vendredi 13/09/2019
Roald Dahl Day Vendredi 13/09/2019
Stand Up To Cancer Day Vendredi 13/09/2019
Uncle Sam Day Vendredi 13/09/2019
Cream Filled Donut Day Samedi 14/09/2019
Eat a Hoagie Day Samedi 14/09/2019
Batman Day Dimanche 15/09/2019
Felt Hat Day Dimanche 15/09/2019
Make a Hat Day Dimanche 15/09/2019
Collect Rocks Day Lundi 16/09/2019
Mayflower Day Lundi 16/09/2019
Play-Doh Day Lundi 16/09/2019
Apple Dumpling Day Mardi 17/09/2019
Cheeseburger Day Mercredi 18/09/2019
Butterscotch Pudding Day Jeudi 19/09/2019
International Talk Like a Pirate Day Jeudi 19/09/2019
Punch Day Vendredi 20/09/2019
International Eat An Apple Day Samedi 21/09/2019
Miniature Golf Day Samedi 21/09/2019
World Gratitude Day Samedi 21/09/2019
Dear Diary Day Dimanche 22/09/2019
Elephant Appreciation Day Dimanche 22/09/2019
Hobbit Day Dimanche 22/09/2019
White Chocolate Day Dimanche 22/09/2019
Checkers Day Lundi 23/09/2019
Cherries Jubilee Day Mardi 24/09/2019
Comic Book Day Mercredi 25/09/2019
One-Hit Wonder Day Mercredi 25/09/2019
World Dream Day Mercredi 25/09/2019
Johnny Appleseed Day Jeudi 26/09/2019
Crush a Can Day Vendredi 27/09/2019
Hug a Vegetarian Day Vendredi 27/09/2019
Ask a Stupid Question Day Samedi 28/09/2019
International Rabbit Day Samedi 28/09/2019
Confucius Day Dimanche 29/09/2019
Blasphemy Day Lundi 30/09/2019
Mud Pack Day Lundi 30/09/2019
CD Player Day Mardi 01/10/2019
Balloons Around The World Day Mercredi 02/10/2019
Custodial Workers Recognition Day Mercredi 02/10/2019
Farm Animals Day Mercredi 02/10/2019
Name Your Car Day Mercredi 02/10/2019
World No Alcohol Day Mercredi 02/10/2019
Virus Appreciation Day Jeudi 03/10/2019
Frappe Day Vendredi 04/10/2019
Improve Your Office Day Vendredi 04/10/2019
Card Making Day Samedi 05/10/2019
Do Something Nice Day Samedi 05/10/2019
International Frugal Fun Day Samedi 05/10/2019
James Bond Day Samedi 05/10/2019
Change A Light Day Dimanche 06/10/2019
Come and Take It Day Dimanche 06/10/2019
Mad Hatter Day Dimanche 06/10/2019
Physician's Assistant Day Dimanche 06/10/2019
Techies Day Lundi 07/10/2019
American Touch Tag Day Mardi 08/10/2019
Face Your Fears Day Mardi 08/10/2019
Bring Your Teddy Bear To Work & School Day Mercredi 09/10/2019
Curious Events Day Mercredi 09/10/2019
Moldy Cheese Day Mercredi 09/10/2019
Angel Food Cake Day Jeudi 10/10/2019
Cake Decorating Day Jeudi 10/10/2019
World Porridge Day Jeudi 10/10/2019
It's My Party Day Vendredi 11/10/2019
Cookbook Launch Day Samedi 12/10/2019
Moment of Frustration Day Samedi 12/10/2019
Old Farmers Day Samedi 12/10/2019
International Suit Up -day Dimanche 13/10/2019
No Bra Day Dimanche 13/10/2019
Yorkshire Pudding Day Dimanche 13/10/2019
Be Bald And Free Day Lundi 14/10/2019
Dessert Day Lundi 14/10/2019
Ada Lovelace Day Mardi 15/10/2019
White Cane Safety Day Mardi 15/10/2019
Boss's Day Mercredi 16/10/2019
Dictionary Day Mercredi 16/10/2019
Feral Cat Day Mercredi 16/10/2019
Hagfish Day Mercredi 16/10/2019
Steve Jobs Day Mercredi 16/10/2019
Get Smart About Credit Day Jeudi 17/10/2019
Spreadsheet Day Jeudi 17/10/2019
Wear Something Gaudy Day Jeudi 17/10/2019
Chocolate Cupcake Day Vendredi 18/10/2019
No Beard Day Vendredi 18/10/2019
Bridge Day Samedi 19/10/2019
Evaluate Your Life Day Samedi 19/10/2019
Sweetest Day Samedi 19/10/2019
Brandied Fruit Day Dimanche 20/10/2019
Information Overload Day Dimanche 20/10/2019
Babbling Day Lundi 21/10/2019
Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day Lundi 21/10/2019
Count Your Buttons Day Lundi 21/10/2019
Pumpkin Cheesecake Day Lundi 21/10/2019
Caps Lock day Mardi 22/10/2019
Nut Day Mardi 22/10/2019
Earth creation day Mercredi 23/10/2019
iPod Day Mercredi 23/10/2019
Mole Day Mercredi 23/10/2019
Tv Talk Show Host Day Mercredi 23/10/2019
Bologna Day Jeudi 24/10/2019
Punk for a Day Day Vendredi 25/10/2019
Sourest Day Vendredi 25/10/2019
World Pasta Day Vendredi 25/10/2019
Howl At The Moon Day Samedi 26/10/2019
Make a Difference Day Samedi 26/10/2019
Mincemeat Day Samedi 26/10/2019
Mother-in-Law Day Dimanche 27/10/2019
Animation Day Lundi 28/10/2019
Plush Animal Lover's Day Lundi 28/10/2019
Cat Day Mardi 29/10/2019
Hermit Day Mardi 29/10/2019
Internet Day Mardi 29/10/2019
Candy Corn Day Mercredi 30/10/2019
Create A Great Funeral Day Mercredi 30/10/2019
Frankenstein Day Mercredi 30/10/2019
Mischief Night Mercredi 30/10/2019
Carve a Pumpkin Day Jeudi 31/10/2019
Increase Your Psychic Powers Day Jeudi 31/10/2019
Magic Day Jeudi 31/10/2019
Authors' Day Vendredi 01/11/2019
Movember begins Vendredi 01/11/2019
Deviled Egg Day Samedi 02/11/2019
Look for Circles Day Samedi 02/11/2019
Sandwich Day Dimanche 03/11/2019
Zero Tasking Day Dimanche 03/11/2019
Job Action Day Lundi 04/11/2019
King Tut Day Lundi 04/11/2019
Traffic Directors Day Lundi 04/11/2019
Use Your Common Sense Day Lundi 04/11/2019
Marooned Without a Compass Day Mercredi 06/11/2019
Saxophone Day Mercredi 06/11/2019
Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day Jeudi 07/11/2019
Men Make Dinner Day Jeudi 07/11/2019
Cook Something Bold Day Vendredi 08/11/2019
Dunce Day Vendredi 08/11/2019
X-Ray Day Vendredi 08/11/2019
Chaos Never Dies Day Samedi 09/11/2019
Area Code Day Dimanche 10/11/2019
Forget-Me-Not Day Dimanche 10/11/2019
Tongue Twister Day Dimanche 10/11/2019
Origami Day Lundi 11/11/2019
Chicken Soup for the Soul Day Mardi 12/11/2019
Pizza With The Works Except Anchovies Day Mardi 12/11/2019
Young Readers Day Mardi 12/11/2019
Indian Pudding Day Mercredi 13/11/2019
Sadie Hawkins Day Mercredi 13/11/2019
Loosen Up, Lighten Up Day Jeudi 14/11/2019
Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day Vendredi 15/11/2019
Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day Vendredi 15/11/2019
Philanthropy Day Vendredi 15/11/2019
Button Day Samedi 16/11/2019
Have a Party with Your Bear Day Samedi 16/11/2019
Restaurant Day Samedi 16/11/2019
Electronic Greeting Card Day Dimanche 17/11/2019
Guinness World Record Day Dimanche 17/11/2019
Homemade Bread Day Dimanche 17/11/2019
Take a Hike Day Dimanche 17/11/2019
Have Sex With a Guy With a Mustache Day Lundi 18/11/2019
Occult Day Lundi 18/11/2019
Have a Bad Day Day Mardi 19/11/2019
Absurdity Day Mercredi 20/11/2019
Beautiful Day Mercredi 20/11/2019
Name Your PC Day Mercredi 20/11/2019
Universal Children's Day Mercredi 20/11/2019
False Confession Day Jeudi 21/11/2019
No Music Day Jeudi 21/11/2019
Use Less Stuff Day Jeudi 21/11/2019
World Hello Day Jeudi 21/11/2019
Go For a Ride Day Vendredi 22/11/2019
Start Your Own Country Day Vendredi 22/11/2019
Cashew Day Samedi 23/11/2019
Eat a Cranberry Day Samedi 23/11/2019
Fibonacci Day Samedi 23/11/2019
Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day Dimanche 24/11/2019
Parfait Day Lundi 25/11/2019
Shopping Reminder Day Lundi 25/11/2019
Pins and Needles Day Mercredi 27/11/2019
French Toast Day Jeudi 28/11/2019
Make Your Own Head Day Jeudi 28/11/2019
Red Planet Day Jeudi 28/11/2019
Black Friday Vendredi 29/11/2019
Electronic Greetings Day Vendredi 29/11/2019
Flossing Day Vendredi 29/11/2019
Square Dance Day Vendredi 29/11/2019
You're Welcome Day Vendredi 29/11/2019
Computer Security Day Samedi 30/11/2019
Stay at Home Because You are Well Day Samedi 30/11/2019
Decembeaver begins Dimanche 01/12/2019
Eat a Red Apple Day Dimanche 01/12/2019
Wear a Dress Day Dimanche 01/12/2019
Fritter Day Lundi 02/12/2019
Make A Gift Day Mardi 03/12/2019
Roof Over Your Head Day Mardi 03/12/2019
Santa's List Day Mercredi 04/12/2019
Wear Brown Shoes Day Mercredi 04/12/2019
Bathtub Party Day Jeudi 05/12/2019
International Ninja Day Jeudi 05/12/2019
Repeal Day Jeudi 05/12/2019
International Sweater Vestival Vendredi 06/12/2019
Miners' Day Vendredi 06/12/2019
Mitten Tree Day Vendredi 06/12/2019
Put on Your Own Shoes Day Vendredi 06/12/2019
Cotton Candy Day Samedi 07/12/2019
Brownie Day Dimanche 08/12/2019
Choral Day Dimanche 08/12/2019
Take it in the Ear Day Dimanche 08/12/2019
Christmas Card Day Lundi 09/12/2019
Pastry Day Lundi 09/12/2019
Techno Day Lundi 09/12/2019
Noodle Ring Day Mercredi 11/12/2019
Ding-a-Ling Day Jeudi 12/12/2019
Poinsettia Day Jeudi 12/12/2019
Christmas Jumper Day Vendredi 13/12/2019
Violin Day Vendredi 13/12/2019
Bouillabaisse Day Samedi 14/12/2019
Monkey Day Samedi 14/12/2019
Bill of Rights Day Dimanche 15/12/2019
Cat Herders Day Dimanche 15/12/2019
Lemon Cupcake Day Dimanche 15/12/2019
Chocolate Covered Anything Day Lundi 16/12/2019
Maple Syrup Day Mardi 17/12/2019
Bake Cookies Day Mercredi 18/12/2019
Suckling Pig Day Mercredi 18/12/2019
Look for an Evergreen Day Jeudi 19/12/2019
Oatmeal Muffin Day Jeudi 19/12/2019
Go Caroling Day Vendredi 20/12/2019
Flashlight Day Samedi 21/12/2019
Humbug Day Samedi 21/12/2019
Look on the Bright Side Day Samedi 21/12/2019
Date Nut Bread Day Dimanche 22/12/2019
Festivus Lundi 23/12/2019
HumanLight Lundi 23/12/2019
Roots Day Lundi 23/12/2019
Egg Nog Day Mardi 24/12/2019
Pumpkin Pie Day Mercredi 25/12/2019
Thank You Note Day Jeudi 26/12/2019
Whiner's Day Jeudi 26/12/2019
Fruitcake Day Vendredi 27/12/2019
Make Cut-out Snowflakes Day Vendredi 27/12/2019
Card Playing Day Samedi 28/12/2019
Pepper Pot Day Dimanche 29/12/2019
Tick Tock Day Dimanche 29/12/2019
Bacon Day Lundi 30/12/2019
Bicarbonate of Soda Day Lundi 30/12/2019
Make Up Your Mind Day Mardi 31/12/2019
No Interruptions Day Mardi 31/12/2019
Unlucky Day Mardi 31/12/2019