Awareness days 2017

Copyright Law Day Sunday 01/01/2017
Global Family Day Sunday 01/01/2017
Public Domain Day Sunday 01/01/2017
World Day of Peace Sunday 01/01/2017
Motivation & Inspiration Day Monday 01/02/2017
Personal Trainer Awareness Day Monday 01/02/2017
World Introvert Day Monday 01/02/2017
World Braille Day Wednesday 01/04/2017
World Hynotism Day Wednesday 01/04/2017
World Day for War Orphans Friday 01/06/2017
International Programmers' Day Saturday 01/07/2017
Typing Day Sunday 01/08/2017
Cut Your Energy Costs Day Tuesday 01/10/2017
Save the Eagles Day Tuesday 01/10/2017
Milk Day Wednesday 01/11/2017
Pharmacist Day Thursday 01/12/2017
International Skeptics Day Friday 01/13/2017
Sexually Transmitted Infection Question Day Saturday 01/14/2017
Sanctity of Human Life Day Sunday 01/15/2017
Wikipedia Day Sunday 01/15/2017
World Religion Day Sunday 01/15/2017
Religious Freedom Day Monday 01/16/2017
Women's Healthy Weight Day Thursday 01/19/2017
International Fetish Day Friday 01/20/2017
Penguin Awareness Day Friday 01/20/2017
Community Manager Appreciation Day Monday 01/23/2017
International Customs Day Thursday 01/26/2017
Spouses' Day Thursday 01/26/2017
International Holocaust Remembrance Day Friday 01/27/2017
Data Privacy Day Saturday 01/28/2017
Freethinkers Day Sunday 01/29/2017
World Leprosy Day Sunday 01/29/2017
School Day of Non-violence and Peace Monday 01/30/2017
Car Insurance Day Wednesday 02/01/2017
Change Your Password Day Wednesday 02/01/2017
National Freedom Day Wednesday 02/01/2017
Candlemas, The Feast of Purification Thursday 02/02/2017
World Wetlands Day Thursday 02/02/2017
Food Freedom Day Friday 02/03/2017
Give Kids a Smile Day Friday 02/03/2017
Wear Red Day Friday 02/03/2017
Rosa Parks Day Saturday 02/04/2017
Take Your Child To The Library Day Saturday 02/04/2017
World Cancer Day Saturday 02/04/2017
Kashmir Solidarity Day (Kashmir) Sunday 02/05/2017
International Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation Monday 02/06/2017
Ronald Reagan Day Monday 02/06/2017
Safer Internet Day Tuesday 02/07/2017
Boy Scout Day Wednesday 02/08/2017
The Inbox Day Friday 02/10/2017
Inventors' Day Saturday 02/11/2017
Pro Sports Wives Day Saturday 02/11/2017
Autism Sunday Sunday 02/12/2017
Darwin Day Sunday 02/12/2017
Freedom to Marry Day Sunday 02/12/2017
World Marriage Day Sunday 02/12/2017
Employee Legal Awareness Day Monday 02/13/2017
World Radio Day Monday 02/13/2017
Impotence Day Tuesday 02/14/2017
International Book Giving Day Tuesday 02/14/2017
Pet Theft Awareness Day Tuesday 02/14/2017
Singles Awareness Day Wednesday 02/15/2017
Introduce A Girl To Engineering Day Thursday 02/16/2017
World Human Spirit Day Friday 02/17/2017
World Day of Social Justice Monday 02/20/2017
International Mother Language Day Tuesday 02/21/2017
European Day for Victims of Crime Wednesday 02/22/2017
World Thinking Day Wednesday 02/22/2017
World Understanding and Peace Day Thursday 02/23/2017
International STAND UP to Bullying Day Friday 02/24/2017
World Sword Swallower's Day Saturday 02/25/2017
Digital Learning Day Monday 02/27/2017
Polar Bear Day Monday 02/27/2017
Rare Disease Day Tuesday 02/28/2017
Spay Day Tuesday 02/28/2017
Executive Coaching Day Wednesday 03/01/2017
Self-injury Awareness Day Wednesday 03/01/2017
World Book Day Thursday 03/02/2017
Employee Appreciation Day Friday 03/03/2017
Salesperson Day Friday 03/03/2017
World Day of Prayer Friday 03/03/2017
Dentist's Day Monday 03/06/2017
European Day of Speech and Language Therapy Monday 03/06/2017
Genealogy Day Wednesday 03/08/2017
International Women's Day Wednesday 03/08/2017
No Smoking Day Wednesday 03/08/2017
Women's Day Wednesday 03/08/2017
World Kidney Day Thursday 03/09/2017
World Day of Muslim Culture, Peace, Dialogue and Film Saturday 03/11/2017
World Plumbing Day Saturday 03/11/2017
Girl Scout Day Sunday 03/12/2017
Registered Dietitian Day Sunday 03/12/2017
World Day Against Cyber Censorship Sunday 03/12/2017
Pi Day Tuesday 03/14/2017
Science Education Day Tuesday 03/14/2017
Ides of March Wednesday 03/15/2017
International Day Against Police Brutality Wednesday 03/15/2017
World Consumer Rights Day Wednesday 03/15/2017
Freedom of Information Day Thursday 03/16/2017
World Sleep Day Friday 03/17/2017
Biodiesel Day Saturday 03/18/2017
Client's Day Sunday 03/19/2017
Poison Prevention Week Sunday 03/19/2017
International Astrology Day Monday 03/20/2017
International Day of Happiness Monday 03/20/2017
International Day of Nowruz Monday 03/20/2017
World Day of Theatre for Children and Young People Monday 03/20/2017
World Sparrow Day Monday 03/20/2017
World Storytelling Day Monday 03/20/2017
International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination Tuesday 03/21/2017
International Day of Forests Tuesday 03/21/2017
Single Parents' Day Tuesday 03/21/2017
World Down Syndrome Day Tuesday 03/21/2017
World Poetry Day Tuesday 03/21/2017
World Social Work Day Tuesday 03/21/2017
World Water Day Wednesday 03/22/2017
World Meteorological Day Thursday 03/23/2017
International Day for Achievers Friday 03/24/2017
World Tuberculosis Day Friday 03/24/2017
EU Talent Day Saturday 03/25/2017
International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade Saturday 03/25/2017
Legal Assistance Day Sunday 03/26/2017
Purple day Sunday 03/26/2017
World Theatre Day Monday 03/27/2017
Manatee Appreciation Day Wednesday 03/29/2017
Mom and Pop Business Owners Day Wednesday 03/29/2017
Doctors' Day Thursday 03/30/2017
World Backup Day Friday 03/31/2017
April Fool's Day Saturday 04/01/2017
Atheist Day Saturday 04/01/2017
Fossil Fools Day Saturday 04/01/2017
International Tatting Day Saturday 04/01/2017
Children's Book Day Sunday 04/02/2017
International Children's Book Day Sunday 04/02/2017
Light It Up Blue Sunday 04/02/2017
Love Your Produce Manager Day Sunday 04/02/2017
World Autism Awareness Day Sunday 04/02/2017
World Party Day Monday 04/03/2017
Hospital Admitting Clerks Day Tuesday 04/04/2017
International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action Tuesday 04/04/2017
School Librarian Day Tuesday 04/04/2017
Youth Homelessness Matters Day Wednesday 04/05/2017
International Day of Reflection on the 1994 Rwanda Genocide Friday 04/07/2017
World Health Day Friday 04/07/2017
International Romani Day Saturday 04/08/2017
Winston Churchill Day Sunday 04/09/2017
Sibling Day Monday 04/10/2017
Equal Pay Day Tuesday 04/11/2017
Library Workers Day Tuesday 04/11/2017
World Parkinson’s Disease Day Tuesday 04/11/2017
Global Day of Action on Military Spending From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Wednesday 04/12/2017
Russian Cosmonaut Day Wednesday 04/12/2017
Thomas Jefferson Day Thursday 04/13/2017
Dolphin Day Friday 04/14/2017
Ex Spouse Day Friday 04/14/2017
Titanic Remembrance Day Saturday 04/15/2017
Day of Dialogue Sunday 04/16/2017
National Librarian Day Sunday 04/16/2017
Columnists Day Tuesday 04/18/2017
World Heritage Day Tuesday 04/18/2017
Chinese language day Thursday 04/20/2017
Volunteer Recognition Day Thursday 04/20/2017
Kindergarten Day Friday 04/21/2017
Earth Day Saturday 04/22/2017
Girl Scout Leader Day Saturday 04/22/2017
Administrative Professionals Day Sunday 04/23/2017
English language day Sunday 04/23/2017
International Marconi Day Sunday 04/23/2017
Lost Dog Awareness Day Sunday 04/23/2017
Lover's Day Sunday 04/23/2017
World Book and Copyright Day Sunday 04/23/2017
World Laboratory Day Sunday 04/23/2017
Teach Your Children to Save Day Monday 04/24/2017
World Day for Laboratory Animals Monday 04/24/2017
DNA Day Tuesday 04/25/2017
Hairball Awareness Day Tuesday 04/25/2017
Parental Alienation Awareness Day Tuesday 04/25/2017
World Malaria Day Tuesday 04/25/2017
World Penguin Day Tuesday 04/25/2017
Chernobyl disaster anniversary Wednesday 04/26/2017
International Guide Dog Day Wednesday 04/26/2017
Richter Scale Day Wednesday 04/26/2017
World Intellectual Property Day Wednesday 04/26/2017
World Veterinarian Day Wednesday 04/26/2017
Day of Silence Thursday 04/27/2017
Denim Day Thursday 04/27/2017
Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day Thursday 04/27/2017
Arbor Day Friday 04/28/2017
Workers' Memorial Day Friday 04/28/2017
World Day for Safety and Health at Work Friday 04/28/2017
International Astronomy Day Saturday 04/29/2017
International Dance Day Saturday 04/29/2017
Honesty Day Sunday 04/30/2017
Pinhole Photography Day Sunday 04/30/2017
May Day Monday 05/01/2017
Brothers and Sisters Day Tuesday 05/02/2017
World Asthma Day Tuesday 05/02/2017
World Press Freedom Day Wednesday 05/03/2017
Day of Reason Thursday 05/04/2017
Firefighters' Day Thursday 05/04/2017
International Firefighters' Day Thursday 05/04/2017
World Password Day Thursday 05/04/2017
International Midwives' Day Friday 05/05/2017
International Tuba Day Friday 05/05/2017
Space Day and International Space Day Friday 05/05/2017
Global Marijuana March Saturday 05/06/2017
International No Diet Day Saturday 05/06/2017
Tourist Appreciation Day Saturday 05/06/2017
Masturbation Day Sunday 05/07/2017
School Nurse Day Sunday 05/07/2017
Free Trade Day Monday 05/08/2017
Student Nurses Day Monday 05/08/2017
Time of Remembrance and Reconciliation for Those Who Lost Their Lives during the Second World War Monday 05/08/2017
Victory in Europe Day Monday 05/08/2017
World Red Cross Day and World Red Crescent Day Monday 05/08/2017
Military Spouse Appreciation Day Tuesday 05/09/2017
Mother Ocean Day Wednesday 05/10/2017
Receptionist Day Wednesday 05/10/2017
International Awareness Day for Chronic Immunological and Neurological Diseases (CIND) Friday 05/12/2017
International Nurses Day Friday 05/12/2017
Military Spouse Day Friday 05/12/2017
Birth Mothers Day Saturday 05/13/2017
World Fair Trade Day Saturday 05/13/2017
World Migratory Bird Day Saturday 05/13/2017
Donate A Day's Wages To Charity Day Sunday 05/14/2017
Third Shift Workers' Day Sunday 05/14/2017
International Conscientious Objectors Day Monday 05/15/2017
International Day of Families Monday 05/15/2017
Police Officer's Memorial Day Monday 05/15/2017
International Virtual Assistants Day Tuesday 05/16/2017
International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia Wednesday 05/17/2017
World Baking Day Wednesday 05/17/2017
World Hypertension Day Wednesday 05/17/2017
World Telecommunication and Information Society Day Wednesday 05/17/2017
International Museum Day Thursday 05/18/2017
Museum Day Thursday 05/18/2017
Neighbor Day Thursday 05/18/2017
Visit Your Relatives Day Thursday 05/18/2017
World AIDS Vaccine Day Thursday 05/18/2017
Accounting Day Friday 05/19/2017
Boy's Club and Girls Club Day Friday 05/19/2017
Endangered Species Day Friday 05/19/2017
European Neighbours' Day Friday 05/19/2017
Culture Freedom Day Saturday 05/20/2017
Weights & Measures Day Saturday 05/20/2017
European Obesity Day Sunday 05/21/2017
Waiters and Waitresses Day Sunday 05/21/2017
World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development Sunday 05/21/2017
International Day for Biological Diversity Monday 05/22/2017
Turtle Day Tuesday 05/23/2017
Brother's Day Wednesday 05/24/2017
European Day of Parks Wednesday 05/24/2017
International Missing Children's Day Thursday 05/25/2017
Take a Girl Child to Work Day Thursday 05/25/2017
Take a Girl Child to Work Day Thursday 05/25/2017
Day of Healing Friday 05/26/2017
Sally Ride Day Friday 05/26/2017
Amnesty International Day Sunday 05/28/2017
Senior Health & Fitness Day Sunday 05/28/2017
End of the Middle Ages Day Monday 05/29/2017
International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers Monday 05/29/2017
World Digestive Health Day Monday 05/29/2017
War Victims Day Tuesday 05/30/2017
World MS day Wednesday 05/31/2017
World No Tobacco Day Wednesday 05/31/2017
International Children's Day Thursday 06/01/2017
World Milk Day Thursday 06/01/2017
International Level Crossing Awareness Day Friday 06/02/2017
International Sex Workers' Day Friday 06/02/2017
Cancer Survivors Day Sunday 06/04/2017
Engineer's Day Sunday 06/04/2017
International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression Sunday 06/04/2017
World Environment Day Monday 06/05/2017
Atheist Pride Day Tuesday 06/06/2017
World Brain Tumor Day Thursday 06/08/2017
World Oceans Day Thursday 06/08/2017
World Blood Donor Day Wednesday 06/14/2017
Global Wind Day Thursday 06/15/2017
International Day of the African Child Friday 06/16/2017
World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought Saturday 06/17/2017
World Juggling Day Saturday 06/17/2017
Autistic Pride Day Sunday 06/18/2017
World Productivity Day Tuesday 06/20/2017
World Refugee Day Tuesday 06/20/2017
Atheist Solidarity Day Wednesday 06/21/2017
Fête de la Musique Wednesday 06/21/2017
Music Day Wednesday 06/21/2017
World Humanist Day Wednesday 06/21/2017
International Widows Day Friday 06/23/2017
Public Service Day Friday 06/23/2017
UN Public Service Day Friday 06/23/2017
World Vitiligo Day Sunday 06/25/2017
International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking Monday 06/26/2017
International Day in Support of Victims of Torture Monday 06/26/2017
Industrial Workers Of The World Day Tuesday 06/27/2017
Anniversary of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria Wednesday 06/28/2017
Insurance Awareness Day Wednesday 06/28/2017
Camera Day Thursday 06/29/2017
Asteroid Day Friday 06/30/2017
Canada Day Saturday 07/01/2017
International Day of Cooperatives Saturday 07/01/2017
World Sports Journalists Day Sunday 07/02/2017
Independence From Meat Day Tuesday 07/04/2017
World Zoonosis Day Thursday 07/06/2017
International Forgiveness Day Friday 07/07/2017
World Population Day Tuesday 07/11/2017
Bastille Day Friday 07/14/2017
Cow Appreciation Day Friday 07/14/2017
Marine Day Monday 07/17/2017
World Day for International Justice Monday 07/17/2017
Parents' Day Sunday 07/23/2017
Amelia Earhart Day Monday 07/24/2017
Cousin's Day Monday 07/24/2017
Aunt and Uncles Day Wednesday 07/26/2017
System Administrator Appreciation Day Friday 07/28/2017
World Hepatitis Day Friday 07/28/2017
World Nature Conservation Day Friday 07/28/2017
Father-in-Law Day Sunday 07/30/2017
Dance Day Monday 07/31/2017
Uncommon Instrument Awareness Day Monday 07/31/2017
Girlfriends Day Tuesday 08/01/2017
International Clown Week Tuesday 08/01/2017
Night Out Tuesday 08/01/2017
World Breastfeeding Week Tuesday 08/01/2017
Friendship Day Thursday 08/03/2017
US Coast Guard Day Friday 08/04/2017
International Friendship Day Sunday 08/06/2017
No Nukes Day Sunday 08/06/2017
Sisters' Day Sunday 08/06/2017
International Day of the World's Indigenous People Wednesday 08/09/2017
World Lion Day Thursday 08/10/2017
Son and Daughter Day Friday 08/11/2017
International Youth Day Saturday 08/12/2017
Middle Child's Day Saturday 08/12/2017
World Elephant Day Saturday 08/12/2017
International Lefthanders Day Sunday 08/13/2017
International Geocaching Day Friday 08/18/2017
Aviation Day Saturday 08/19/2017
International Homeless Animals Day Saturday 08/19/2017
International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend Saturday 08/19/2017
World Humanitarian Day Saturday 08/19/2017
World Photo Day Saturday 08/19/2017
World Mosquito Day Sunday 08/20/2017
Senior Citizens Day Monday 08/21/2017
European Day of Remembrance for Victims of Stalinism and Nazism Wednesday 08/23/2017
International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition Wednesday 08/23/2017
International Day Against Intolerance, Discrimination and Violence Based on Musical Preferences, Lifestyle and Dress Code Thursday 08/24/2017
Women's Equality Day Saturday 08/26/2017
International Day against Nuclear Tests Tuesday 08/29/2017
International Day of the Disappeared Wednesday 08/30/2017
Labor Day Friday 09/01/2017
International Vulture Awareness Day Saturday 09/02/2017
V-J Day Saturday 09/02/2017
World Beard Day Saturday 09/02/2017
Newspaper Carrier Day Monday 09/04/2017
Stillbirth Remembrance Day Wednesday 09/06/2017
Threatened Species Day Thursday 09/07/2017
International Literacy Day Friday 09/08/2017
World Physical Therapy Day Friday 09/08/2017
Carl Garner Federal Lands Cleanup Day Saturday 09/09/2017
World First Aid Day Saturday 09/09/2017
Grandparent's Day Sunday 09/10/2017
Pet Memorial Day Sunday 09/10/2017
Racial Justice Sunday Sunday 09/10/2017
Sustainable House Day Sunday 09/10/2017
World Suicide Prevention Day Sunday 09/10/2017
Patriot Day Monday 09/11/2017
Day of Encouragement Tuesday 09/12/2017
Celiac Disease Awareness Day Wednesday 09/13/2017
Greenpeace Day Friday 09/15/2017
International Day of Democracy Friday 09/15/2017
International Dot Day Friday 09/15/2017
POW/MIA Recognition Day Friday 09/15/2017
Coastal Cleanup Day Saturday 09/16/2017
International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer Saturday 09/16/2017
Mexican Independence Day Saturday 09/16/2017
Software Freedom Day Saturday 09/16/2017
Stepfamily Day Saturday 09/16/2017
Working Parents Day Saturday 09/16/2017
Citizenship Day Sunday 09/17/2017
Wife Appreciation Day Sunday 09/17/2017
Women's Friendship Day Sunday 09/17/2017
Water Monitoring Day Monday 09/18/2017
International Day of Peace Thursday 09/21/2017
American Business Women's Day Friday 09/22/2017
Native American Day Friday 09/22/2017
World Carfree Day Friday 09/22/2017
World Rhino Day Friday 09/22/2017
Celebrate Bisexuality Day Saturday 09/23/2017
Public Lands Day Sunday 09/24/2017
Punctuation Day Sunday 09/24/2017
World Deaf Day Sunday 09/24/2017
World Rivers Day Sunday 09/24/2017
World Pharmacist Day Monday 09/25/2017
European Day of Languages Tuesday 09/26/2017
Good Neighbor Day Tuesday 09/26/2017
World Contraception Day Tuesday 09/26/2017
See You at the Pole Wednesday 09/27/2017
World School Milk Day Wednesday 09/27/2017
World Tourism Day Wednesday 09/27/2017
Right to Know Day Thursday 09/28/2017
World Maritime Day Thursday 09/28/2017
World Rabies Day Thursday 09/28/2017
Save the Koala Day Friday 09/29/2017
World Heart Day Friday 09/29/2017
Blasphemy Day Saturday 09/30/2017
International Translation Day Saturday 09/30/2017
European Day of Foundations and Donors Sunday 10/01/2017
International Coffee Day Sunday 10/01/2017
International Intelligence Day Sunday 10/01/2017
Mental Illness Awareness Week Sunday 10/01/2017
World Vegetarian Day Sunday 10/01/2017
Child Health Day Monday 10/02/2017
International Day of Non-Violence Monday 10/02/2017
World Habitat Day Monday 10/02/2017
eDay Wednesday 10/04/2017
World Animal Day Wednesday 10/04/2017
World Teachers' Day Thursday 10/05/2017
World Smile Day Friday 10/06/2017
Leif Erikson Day Monday 10/09/2017
World Post Day Monday 10/09/2017
World Day Against the Death Penalty Tuesday 10/10/2017
World Mental Health Day Tuesday 10/10/2017
Coming Out Day Wednesday 10/11/2017
International Day of the Girl Child Wednesday 10/11/2017
Freethought Day Thursday 10/12/2017
World Sight Day Thursday 10/12/2017
Fossil Day Friday 10/13/2017
International Plain Language Day Friday 10/13/2017
No Bra Day Friday 10/13/2017
World Egg Day Friday 10/13/2017
World Hospice and Palliative Care Day Saturday 10/14/2017
World Standards Day Saturday 10/14/2017
Breast Health Day Sunday 10/15/2017
Global Handwashing Day Sunday 10/15/2017
International Day of Rural Women Sunday 10/15/2017
World Anaesthesia Day Monday 10/16/2017
World Food Day Monday 10/16/2017
World Spine Day Monday 10/16/2017
International Day for the Eradication of Poverty Tuesday 10/17/2017
World Trauma Day Tuesday 10/17/2017
Conflict Resolution Day Thursday 10/19/2017
World Osteoporosis Day Friday 10/20/2017
World Statistics Day Friday 10/20/2017
Reptile Awareness Day Saturday 10/21/2017
Stuttering Awareness Day Sunday 10/22/2017
United Nations Day Tuesday 10/24/2017
World Development Information Day Tuesday 10/24/2017
United States Navy Day Friday 10/27/2017
World Day for Audiovisual Heritage Friday 10/27/2017
International Games Day Sunday 10/29/2017
World Stroke Day Sunday 10/29/2017
World Savings Day Tuesday 10/31/2017
Stress Awareness Day Wednesday 11/01/2017
World Vegan Day Wednesday 11/01/2017
Housewife Day Friday 11/03/2017
International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict Monday 11/06/2017
Carl Sagan Day Thursday 11/09/2017
World Freedom Day Thursday 11/09/2017
World Usability Day Thursday 11/09/2017
United States Marine Corps Day Friday 11/10/2017
World Science Day for Peace and Development Friday 11/10/2017
World Pneumonia Day Sunday 11/12/2017
World Kindness Day Monday 11/13/2017
Operating Room Nurse Day Tuesday 11/14/2017
World Diabetes Day Tuesday 11/14/2017
America Recycles Day Wednesday 11/15/2017
Day of the Imprisoned Writer Wednesday 11/15/2017
World Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Day Wednesday 11/15/2017
Great American Smokeout Thursday 11/16/2017
International Day for Tolerance Thursday 11/16/2017
International Philosophy Day Thursday 11/16/2017
International STAND UP to Bullying Day Friday 11/17/2017
International Students' Day Friday 11/17/2017
World Peace Day Friday 11/17/2017
World Prematurity Day Friday 11/17/2017
Adoption Day Saturday 11/18/2017
European Antibiotic Awareness Day Saturday 11/18/2017
Survivors of Suicide Day Saturday 11/18/2017
International Men's Day Sunday 11/19/2017
World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims Sunday 11/19/2017
World Toilet Day Sunday 11/19/2017
Transgender Day of Remembrance Monday 11/20/2017
Universal Children's Day Monday 11/20/2017
World Television Day Tuesday 11/21/2017
Day of Mourning Thursday 11/23/2017
Unthanksgiving Day Thursday 11/23/2017
Buy Nothing Day Friday 11/24/2017
Fur Free Friday Friday 11/24/2017
International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women Saturday 11/25/2017
Sharing Sunday Sunday 11/26/2017
International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People Wednesday 11/29/2017
Cities for Life Day Thursday 11/30/2017
World AIDS Day Friday 12/01/2017
International Day for the Abolition of Slavery Saturday 12/02/2017
Disability Day Sunday 12/03/2017
Helsinki Human Rights Day Sunday 12/03/2017
International Day of People with Disability Sunday 12/03/2017
International Volunteer Day Tuesday 12/05/2017
International Civil Aviation Day Thursday 12/07/2017
Human Rights Day Sunday 12/10/2017
International Mountain Day Monday 12/11/2017
International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers Sunday 12/17/2017
Wright Brothers Day Sunday 12/17/2017
International Migrants Day Monday 12/18/2017
International Human Solidarity Day Wednesday 12/20/2017
Forefather's Day Thursday 12/21/2017
Global Orgasm Day Thursday 12/21/2017