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Sun (Fairfield, United States)

  • sunrise 6:25 AM (+1 min)
  • solar noon 12:50 PM (±0 min)
  • sunset 7:15 PM (-2 min)
  • day length 12 hours 49 minutes (-3 min)

National days

Awareness days

  • Grandparent's Day
  • Pet Memorial Day
  • Racial Justice Sunday
    Racial Justice Sunday is observed by British Christian churches on the second Sunday of September. It began in 1995. On September 11, 2005, special celebrations were held in Cardiff, Glasgow, and London for the tenth anniversary of the holiday.
  • Sustainable House Day
    Sustainable House Day is a national event held annually across Australia, where households open their doors to the public to give interested people the chance to learn about the benefits of energy efficiency in their homes. People have the opportunity to talk with sustainable home owners, architects, builders, designers and energy auditors to learn about sustainable living.
  • World Physical Therapy Day

Funny holidays

UN observances