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Moon Moon
74 events

Moon phases, lunar eclipses, perigee & apogee.

Sun Sun
742 events

Sunrise & sunset, solstices & equinoxes, solar eclipses, perihelion & aphelion.

Week numbers (EU) Week numbers (EU)
52 week numbers

European week numbering (compliant with ISO 8601). Used in most of Europe. Weeks start on Monday.

Weather Weather
366 events

Your local weather and a 5-day prediction in your location.

Jewish holidays Jewish holidays
18 holidays

Sixteen annual Jewish holidays.

Solunar Solunar
1,460 events

The Solunar theory predicts the best times for fishing and hunting based on moon and sun location. Wild animals are more active depending on the moon and the sun.

Funny holidays Funny holidays
1,047 holidays

Bizarre, unique, special and otherwise different holidays. All events contain a link to a page with a longer description of each event.

UN observances UN observances
121 observances

Annual observances endorsed by the United Nations, such as World AIDS day, World Food Day and World Population Day. Important political, social, cultural, humanitarian or human rights issues.

Biorhythm Biorhythm
39 events

Biorhythms try to predict an individual's physical, emotional and intellectual performance as it varies by time. Science has debunked them as having no predictive value.

My birthday

Christian holidays Christian holidays
46 holidays

Common Christian holidays. Not all feasts are celebrated by all Christian churches and even those that are sometimes have varying dates. Each event appear in this calendar only once, on the most common Western Christian day this event is observed.

Golden hour Golden hour
1,464 events

Indicates the blue hours and golden hours each day, which occur around sunrise and sunset. During these times the natural light has a special quality, which makes them important for cinematography and photography.

Day numbers Day numbers
366 day numbers

The ordinal number (1-365) for each day of the year.

F1 F1

F1 races, test sessions and other events. Many thanks to F1fanatic for the data.

Awareness days Awareness days
504 awareness days

Days for increasing public awareness of various issues. Most are related to health or the environment. Some of these are the same events as in the UN observances calendar.

Pagan holidays Pagan holidays
8 holidays

Eight annual Celtic/Pagan/Wicca holidays.

Time from now Time from now

The calendar shows how far in the future the specied date is or how long ago it was. The event can be a for example a birthday.


End of the World End of the World
1 predictions

Various predictions for the end of the world. When a prediction states only the year, the event is placed on the last date of that year (December 31st), which is the last day the world could still exist as we know it.

1,330 matches

NBA basketball games.


Premier league Premier league
340 matches

British Premier league football matches.


Weight guard Weight guard

Define your target weight. Weight guard reminds you to weigh yourself and tells you how much you should weigh.

Current weight
Target weight

Numbering Numbering

Counts days/weeks since a certain date. Cycle length determines how long the counter runs after reset back to zero.


starting on

Today Today
366 events

Shows the date and day of week. This can be used in the Notification Center in iPhone. Notification Center will not show the current date, but it will display today's calendar event. With this calendar you can see the current date in the Notification center.

Ice Hockey WC Ice Hockey WC
64 matches

2017 Men's World Ice Hockey Championships in France & germany.


Work shifts Work shifts

Shows a repeating work shift calendar. Enter your work shift cycle and a start date. If you need more shift labels, please contact the author.

Cycle start date
Shift cycle
Day Evening Free Morning Night Split All day Long night

655 matches

Ice-hockey matches in Russian KHL league.


Holidays Holidays
12 holidays

Public holidays in New Zealand.

Flag days Flag days
10 flag days

Flag days in New Zealand.

Good to know Good to know
21 events

Important days and events. Includes daylight savings time adjustments. Does not include holidays.