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WebCal.fi will be closed soon.

Please subscribe your calendars at the new site at WebCal.Guru.

Aapo Puskala

What is WebCal.fi?

Webcal.fi is a free calendar service provided by User Point Inc. It has been created by usability specialist Aapo Puskala, tel. +358 40 722 0706, [email protected].

Webcals are small iCalendar files with calendar events. Almost all calendar applications and mobile devices support them. See list of applications with iCalendar support.

This calendar services was initially opened in January 2008. In the beginning it was very limited, had only Finnish holidays, was located in a different address and didn't even have a name. The site was released mainly to see if anybody was interested in web calendars. It got much positive feedback and I continued developing it. I added new calendars, improved the user interface and a lot more. In November 2010 a completely rewritten calendar service was released at WebCal.fi.

In WebCal.fi there are now 414 calendars for 38 countries in 21 languages. Most languages were added in May 2011.

Terms of use

You are free to use the data from WebCal.fi for any personal, non-profit or commercial use. Please include a link to the source of the data (www.webcal.fi).


WebCal.fi logo You may of course link to WebCal.fi freely. If you like, you may want to use one of our logos as the link image.

Send feedback

Send feedback to [email protected] for example if

  • you can't get the calendars to work
  • you think a calendar is missing events
  • you find an error in a calendar
  • you have an idea of a new calendar
  • you have an idea to improve the service
  • you just want to say 'hello'

There are 0 calendar downloads each week, but only one or two feedback messages. Make my day. Send feedback.

- Aapo Puskala, author