Good to know 2020

Plough Monday Monday 13/01/2020
United Kingdom Anniversary of The Queen's accession Thursday 06/02/2020
Valentine's Day Friday 14/02/2020
Shrove Monday Monday 24/02/2020
Shrove Tuesday Tuesday 25/02/2020
Leap Day Saturday 29/02/2020
United Kingdom Saint David's Day (Wales) Sunday 01/03/2020
United Kingdom Commonwealth Day Monday 09/03/2020
No Smoking Day Wednesday 11/03/2020
March equinox Friday 20/03/2020
Laetare Sunday Sunday 22/03/2020
Daylight Saving Time begins Sunday 29/03/2020
Palm Sunday Sunday 05/04/2020
Holy Saturday Saturday 11/04/2020
United Kingdom The Queen's birthday Tuesday 21/04/2020
United Kingdom Saint George's Day (England) Thursday 23/04/2020
United Kingdom Europe Day Saturday 09/05/2020
Ascension Day Thursday 21/05/2020
Spring Bank Holiday Monday 25/05/2020
Pentecost Sunday 31/05/2020
United Kingdom Anniversary of The Queen's coronation Tuesday 02/06/2020
United Kingdom The Queen's Official Birthday Saturday 06/06/2020
United Kingdom Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh birthday Wednesday 10/06/2020
Midsummer's Eve Friday 19/06/2020
Midsummer's Day Saturday 20/06/2020
Summer solstice Saturday 20/06/2020
Day of Private Reflection Sunday 21/06/2020
Father's Day Sunday 21/06/2020
Armed Forces Day Saturday 27/06/2020
The Twelfth Sunday 12/07/2020
United Kingdom The Princess Royal birthday Saturday 15/08/2020
Racial Justice Sunday Sunday 13/09/2020
International Day of Peace Monday 21/09/2020
September equinox Tuesday 22/09/2020
Daylight Saving Time ends Sunday 25/10/2020
October Holiday (Ireland) Monday 26/10/2020
Halloween Saturday 31/10/2020
Guy Fawkes Day Thursday 05/11/2020
United Kingdom Remembrance Sunday Sunday 08/11/2020
United Kingdom The Prince of Wales birthday Saturday 14/11/2020
United Kingdom Anniversary of the wedding of The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh Friday 20/11/2020
United Kingdom St. Andrew's Day (Scotland) Monday 30/11/2020
Black Friday Friday 18/12/2020
Winter solstice Monday 21/12/2020
Christmas Eve Thursday 24/12/2020
New Year's Eve Thursday 31/12/2020